Residential Home Buyers Inspection

  • Exterior doors
  • Windows
  • Chimney, spark arrestor, and cap
  • Grounds; gates, drainage, landscaping, driveway, sidewalks
  • Decks, patios, porches, balconies, and related covers
  • Stairs, handrails, guardrails
  • Wall surface and related components

As needed, we may use the following cutting edge, state of the art inspection equipment during the course of the home inspection: 

  • FLIR Infrared/ Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Moisture meter
  • IR temperature gauge
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Water pressure gauge
  • Combustible gas leak detector
  • Electrical receptacle tester
  • Voltage detector
  • Flexible borescope 
  • 24 foot ladder (used to inspect the roof/chimney-when safe to do so) 
  • Smoke pen

Infrared/Thermal Imaging Inspections/Scans

Thermal image inspections. The use of a IR/Thermal imaging camera during a home inspection may sometimes be used help in the detection of:

  • Plumbing water leaks
  • Plumbing P-Trap blockages
  • Exterior moisture intrusion
  • Electrical wiring/component issues
  • Possible areas of mold buildup\
  • Proper operation of HVAC distribution systems
  • Flat Roof (Leaks) - Learn where the leak is
  • Radiant Heat - Floor leaks - find location of leak
  • Enegry loss - Find location of heat loss in house

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